Wattbike for teaching – School of Science and Technology at Nottingham Trent University.

Across undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, Nottingham Trent University has been using Wattbikes for

teaching and research for several years.

Staff and students conducting research in physiology are finding the Wattbike invaluable. The Wattbike is a firm

favourite with final year students’ research into how different interventions can affect performance using its in-built

protocols to undertake a range of tests including ramp tests, British Cycling approved cycling tests and pedalling

technique analysis.

Nottingham Trent University also offer a vocational course on Gym Instruction and Personal Training which develops

the next generation of sports professionals for the rapidly evolving health and fitness industry. The Wattbike is part

of a step-change which includes an increased use of technology in training and fitness.

Dr Ruth Hobson, Senior Lecturer at NTU said: “We use the Wattbike for teaching with our students as it gives them

practical experience with equipment commonly found in gyms and clubs.” As the Wattbike footprint increases

across the UK health and fitness industry, NTU students are gaining valuable skills when it comes to investing

in their future.

“The accuracy and feedback from the Wattbike allows students to undertake

high-quality research such as understanding the physiological responses to exercise of

varying intensities.”