myhomefitness equipment featured on RTE’s Afternoon Show on RTE 1 on Monday, September 7th at 4pm. In the opening show of the season, equipment was roadtested for the entire show.

Anti-Perspirants for Men

Monday, 7 September 2009

Anti-Perspirants for Men – which works the best? Don’s sweat it!
Are anti-perspirants effective or not? We test high performance athletes with different types of APDs to see if they help them to sweat less!

Triathletes Tadhg Ian and John are from the Dublin Triathlon Club – Piranha Club Darren is from Wicklow Tri Club

At the height of the season, these men do 22-25 hours maximum training a week. Can be very all-consuming and addictive. It’s not one sport, it’s 3!
Fit or not you will sweat after an hour’s exercise, and today we are going to get these 4 fit athletes – triathletes no less – to try out four different anti-perspirants to see which is the most effective. We’re going to spray/roll one arm with an anti-perspirant, a different one for each, and leave one arm anti-perspirant free to see if they work at all.

From Holland and Barrett & pharmacies
1. Ice Guard for men & women APD 120grams, €6.55

From pharmacies
2. Mitchum – 48hr protect spray or roll on – 4.50€

From Tesco/Superquinn etc.
3. Lynx – Dark Temptation APD – 150mls €4.39

From Brown Thomas
4. Aramis – anti-perspirant – €22.00

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