PT4Pro Suspension Trainer ‘Bodyweight Suspension Training’

Forget the TRX, go for the PT4Pro!

Do not be fooled by all those so-called real TRX trainers marketplace for prices of less than 175 euros. This is too good to be true, and these are therefore all 100% chinese imitation. Want to be a really good affordable system that is actually strong and original? Then go for the PT4Pro!

The PT4Pro® is a Netherlands-developed suspension trainer which comparable in training opportunities with the famous TRX suspension trainer . However, the PT4Pro has a number of major advantages over the known TRX:

  • The weak points of the TRX have been eliminated: parts susceptible to wear are adapted in such a way that does not prevent the wear and tear in the PT4Pro
  • The PT4Pro is considerably heavier burden than the TRX (durability)
  • The PT4Pro comes standard with door anchor
  • The PT4Pro offers multiple and rapid adjustments for the length of the straps
  • It is much easier to get a foot in the ankle ligaments
  • The system is nevertheless considerably cheaper than the TRX
  • Total length from hook to handle 230 cm

Additionally, you can download an app that allows you to perfectly see what exercises you can do or how they should be implemented.

Tested quality:


The PT4Pro was initially developed for commercial use in sports. This means that this system is based on intensive use. Therefore this is one of the few systems that also full commercial use 1 year warranty services. In addition, components such as the handles easy to exchange.


This system is extensively tested in professional environments and now also available for individuals.

General information:

The PT4Pro® a suspension trainer with unlimited possibilities. The PT4Pro® turns any place into a full training location. You are free to decide when and where you train. With this product, you can not only train your endurance, your strength and stability also improved significantly. The benefits of suspension training have for years been known and very popular among personal trainers and Hollywood stars.

The PT4Pro® is designed so that it can be attached to a door, truss theorem, hook and even to a tree. The PT4Pro® bring freedom, fun and variety together in a challenging workout. Professionals around the world use suspension training to remain at the top level in shape.

With suspension training can specifically train certain muscle groups or movements that you can not train with regular exercise. Think of football, tennis, golf, martial arts, etc. to train the right move under resistance of your own body.

Expensive exercise with the advent of suspension training is no longer necessary. All you need is your own body and a pole in order to complete your entire workout. When the PT4Pro® works you get the most out of yourself. Whether you’d like to train a specific muscle group or make an all-round training, it’s all possible with the PT4Pro®.

Because this home workout can be performed PT4Pro® save you a lot of time and money. Not only can you come home in top shape, you keep valuable time for other things.

Benefits PT4Pro®:

  • Fast Training, train within 30 minutes all muscle groups
  • Can be attached to a door, hook, tree, and each truss theorem
  • Almost endless number of exercises for complete workout
  • Everywhere to carry with you

Suspension training is becoming more and more popular for people who want a new and fun way to work out. Training with a suspension trainer means you don’t need to fork out on dumbbells and machines and yet still achieve your fitness goals be they better core stability, flexibility, power, balance, stamina and strength. The key to suspension training is discipline in sticking to the exercises and increasing the difficulty of the exercise as you get better. Do this and you’ll achieve your desired results!