Body Image Elite performance, power, speed. now bring you Body Image Elite performance, power, speed. This range of fitness equipment is specifically designed for sports teams who want to develop a facility for improving the key areas of sports performance, power, speed and agility in their athletes. See link:

Body Image Elite™ balances the athlete’s need to build power, speed, and agility while protecting underlying fitness levels. Fitness maintenance is an important consideration and pre-habilitation is now a necessary part of every athletes’ goal of remaining injury-free both on and off season.


  • increase power and functional ability
  • provide a more athletic mode of training – keep skills while devoting attention to postural alignment, precision of movement and kinetic linking;
  • activate the weaker muscles;
  • address non contact injury through poor training practice or bio-mechanical imbalance.

For the Player

  • achieve correct muscle balance among antagonistic muscle groups;
  • use muscle groups in a sports-specific sequence;
  • boost the efficiency of sport specific movement patterns;
  • enhance joint mobility;
  • improve flexibility;
  • enhance preconception.

For the Coach:

Increased player availability and performance, reduced injury time and costs associated with injury


Increase your strength, bulk up those muscles and show those sexy bikini lines or that six-pack abs the next time you hit the beach or the gym. The best of the best strength equipment brands were gathered together to form the ultimate product line up that will get you flexing those guns of yours proudly and with confidence.

With our experience and expertise in the fitness industry, you can rest assured to get nothing but only the best you deserve which is top notch quality and excellent-grade service.

Our line up includes different kinds of machines and equipment that targets specific muscle groups of the body. It also includes various items for hardcore power-lifters and even for those who are just starting out on their training.

Need help choosing the right equipment for you? Just drop us a line to and we’ll be happy to guide you to the equipment that will suit you fitness and strength goals.